10 Funny Gay Tweets of the Week

Welcome to my new weekly list of funny tweets with a gay spin. Let’s see what the queer club has in store for us this week, and stay tuned for next Saturday’s compilation of some more LOLs (laughs of lesbians).

1. The shared power of gay jokes.

A tweet states, when you make a low key gay joke that no one understand, but you hear someone snort and you're like, oh, a fellow gay. This tweet is from handle m i c h e l l e a l o n s o underscore.

2. The underlying gay bond of a single unanimous reason to be depressed.

A tweet states, why are all the gays depressed at the moment? The tweet is from handle k a y l e i g h o y land underscore.

3. That bond between the non-depressed gays and the depressed non-gays. (Who knew they existed?)

The tweet states, gays, depressed people, handshake emoji, ice coffee. The tweet is from handle x baby l o n.

4. The subtle lesbianesque energy Joe Jonas radiated back in the day.

The tweet states, interesting how joe was my favorite jonas brother and now i'm a lesbian. The tweet includes 4 photos of Joe Jonas, as follows. 1. Joe wears a suit with an undone collar, exposing a tie tied tightly around his neck. 2. Joe wears a suit and necktie. 3. Joe wears a plaid shirt on the carpet with his brothers. 4. Joe wears a suit and tie. His hair is long, straight, and wings out from his ears to his shoulders. This tweet is from handle jill board.

5. Fellow lesbian jumps on the Disobedience bandwagon. And the other bandwagon.

The tweet states, Watched Disobedience. She spat in her mouth didn't she dot dot dot. I liked it. Tweet is from handle Rose Ellen Dix.

6. Another lesbian media reference brings shame to the entire community.

The tweet states, Can't believe when I took a, what L word character am I, quiz I got JENNY. Tweet from handle S p e n c e r r F r e i t a s.

7. The rebooted princess has all the other princesses second-guessing themselves.

The tweet states the following. She ra. Hey there! my name is adora, and you guys are? every princess. not as straight as i thought i was. Tweet is from handle she ra incorrect.

8. When the average Jane doesn’t realize that lesbians exist.

The tweet states, people still think i'm straight, that's offensive.

9. It’s a pack, it’s a swarm, it’s…softball!

The tweet states, a group of lesbians is called softball team.

10. And finally, some logic for the homophobes out there.

The tweet states, people who, don't understand, same sex relationships make me laugh because fuck, I don't understand Chinese but I still know it's a real fucking language.

See funny gay tweets that should be in next week’s post? Tag or DM me @koalatygirl.

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