Lesbian Visibility: The (Sometimes Accurate) Lesbian Stereotypes

A biracial woman wearing a white tee shirt with doodled on boobs stands in front of a lesbian flag. The image states, lesbians and their laptops, visibility week, Jazz. The sometimes accurate lesbian stereotypes.

TITTIES!! Well now that I’ve got your attention let’s get to the real topic here, lesbian stereotypes! (By Jazz). Check out all Lesbian Visibility posts this week.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many stereotypes there are for lesbians, so why not list a few of them for you.

1. All lesbians want to have a threesome with your bisexual boyfriend/girlfriend. Guess what we absolutely do not. We aren’t here to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

2. Us lesbians love to wear flannel. For me that’s absolutely true; my girlfriend and I probably have enough flannels to wear a different one every single day of the week.

3. Lesbians love cats. DING DING DING!!! That’s another for me, I love cats!! And if I could own 100 of them I would but my girlfriend would never let that happen.

4. And the stereotype you’ve all been waiting for… U-HAULING!!! Let me start off with saying that there’s nothing wrong with u-hauling, if you feel that you and your partner are ready to take that next step, then definitely do so. I may be biased because well… I am a u-hauler myself! The second I met my girlfriend I knew that our souls were meant to love each other. So with saying that things started moving fairly quick; but I’m way more than happy with the way life is panning out for us. I bet by now you’re thinking to yourself “So how quick is quick?” So I guess I should break it down for you just a little bit.

A selfie shows two young women smiling.
Left: Taylor. Right: Jazz.

Let’s rewind to the first two weeks of dating Taylor (my girlfriend duh!) and I are laying in bed and I’m just looking at her and I say, “I have to tell you something, but you can’t think I’m crazy… I think I’m in love with you!” Yes I told her that I love her in two weeks sue me!! Fast forward two months later I lost my very best friend Rue (she was my cat). I was heartbroken and I felt super duper lost. So with that being said, that’s how we ended up with our first son, Oliver. (Yes you guessed right it’s a freakin cat). Wow we love two mothers coparenting together! (Two moms are better than one!)

A woman rubs her head against a ginger cat.
A different ginger cat lays on a woman with its belly in the air.

So for a few months we would go back and forth between her house and my house, but unfortunately for us that was two hours away from each other. There we go again with another lesbian stereotype, couldn’t find a girl that lives close or in the same town but that’s a stereotype for a whole other day. After a few months of that we finally got our very first home together! Less than one month in we got ever so lucky and got our second son Cobain (not a cat this time but he sure is a dog!).

A large curly dog lays in some snow and looks up at the camera.

With all of that being said, I’ve never been happier in my entire life, my smile has never shined brighter, and I’ve never felt more content with where I am then I do right now. I really can’t believe that I’m going to marry this girl. I’m going to make her my freakin wife!! I guess if you want to find out when that happens you’ll have to follow me and keep up with my life!

Now that you’ve heard enough about me and my life I just wanted to tell you to never be afraid to take new steps in life just because you’re fitting into a stupid stereotype, it might just be the best thing that you’ve ever done for yourself. That’s all I have for you today girls and gays, I hope you have the most beautiful day and keep on filling that stereotype!

P.S. Don’t worry we got another cat yesterday… Her name is Cloverlily!!

A black cat lays on top of a woman.

Jazmine is a biracial lesbian who laughs at anything and everything, and is always up for a good nap with her girlfriend and animals! You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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