Lesbian Visibility: Strength in the Word

A woman stands in front of a graphic lesbian flag. The image states, lesbians and their laptops, visibility week, Luiza. Strength in the word.

It took me years to accept myself as lesbian. (By Lu). Read all Lesbian Visibility posts here.

The fact that I feel attracted to women was pretty easy to swallow, however, the word “lesbian” used to be so heavy for me that I couldn’t say it even for myself. I couldn’t spell it. But saying “I’m gay” slipped out of my mouth like a second name.

Words matter. Words can change lives.

Once I started surrounding myself with lesbians it became easier. I am not a gay person. I’m a lesbian. I’m a woman who loves women.

Don’t be afraid of a word. It can give you all the strength you might need to face whatever you have to fight for.

Luiza is a writer and fangirl who’s always reading fanfictions. Follow Lu on Twitter.

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