May Review

The blog logo, a laptop with a rainbow display, is at the center. Above the laptop states, may review of a lesbian and her laptop.

Monthly reviews recaps blog post activity on “A Lesbian and Her Laptop,” LGBTQ+ content to look for, personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This month on “A Lesbian and her Laptop”

We reached another 1,000+ views! This is the second consecutive month at reaching this benchmark, and the readership just keeps growing! May saw 9 new posts from us. Another busy month! This included finishing up the “How to Make the Distance Work” guide with a post on looking forward to breaking the distance in early May, a few book reviews, a letter written from my past self in 2017, and some posts focused on Jas’ BPD.

The focus on BPD this month comes from a very personal place and diverted from the usual gay content to promote Mental Health Awareness Month and BPD Awareness Month. This started with an update in the “How I Met My Girlfriend” series regarding Jas’ BPD treatment options provided to her earlier this year. (Spoiler alert: The options weren’t great.)

The following two BPD posts strayed from our personal experience with BPD and worked more so to help others develop healthy communication habits for their own relationships with someone who has BPD. With our 2+ years of experience, learnings, and failures, we have definitely improved the way we communicate with each other.

The blogs are meant to be most helpful to those without BPD, but many people with BPD have reached out to me to say they have passed the blogs along to their own loved ones. This has included my friends, acquaintances online, old acquaintances from high school, and complete strangers. I sincerely appreciate all the feedback; it truly keeps me writing. The first post focuses on how to provide meaningful reassurance, and the second discusses how to manage conflicts. This may be a series that add to as time goes on, as both posts performed very well and received a lot of great feedback.

Reviews this month included one for Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, a dense literary read about a queer orphan raised in an evangelist home. A second review went out for Luke Jennings and his second novel in the Killing Eve trilogy, Killing Eve: No Tomorrow. I also began a new series, “LGBTQ Representation Spotlight,” where I will present overviews of queer representation on film or TV. The first post reviews rep in The CW’s In the Dark.

LGBTQ+ content to look for

In the Dark is still airing its first season every Thursday night at 9pm EST on The CW. Check out my spotlight review to see if it’s worth watching for the lesbian representation. The show focuses on a blind woman’s attempt to solve the mystery of her missing friend.

HBO continues its new series, Gentleman Jack about the life of the world’s first modern lesbian, Anne Lister. I am currently five episodes into this season and have very much enjoyed every episode thus far. The first season will finish up this month with a total of eight episodes. HBO has ordered a second season for this series and lesbians everywhere sighed with relief.

Netflix’ new show, The Society, features two queer boys (not sure of their labels), one of which is deaf, so round of applause for some intersectionality. I have only just started watching this show at two episodes in, but I am excited to see how this plays out.

Personal updates

I finally through away the rainbow roses that my girlfriend sent for my birthday in April after they had been dead for several weeks. I saved one dried rose and intend to keep it on my bookshelf. I’ve been slowly chipping away at all the great (queer) books I received in April as well, including Luke’s book, and I have now started Eleanor & Hick, a nonfiction book about the love affair between Eleanor Roosevelt and a female reporter, Hick, and how their love shaped America.

My hobby obsession currently in rotation is gardening. We planted our family garden last weekend with many vegetable plants, which I am very excited to see grow this summer. I’m actually excited for some of the weeds to start coming in so I can spend an hour or so picking them out.

My great grandpa passed away this May at the grand age of 102 years old. He will be and has already been sorely missed. My family spent a lot of time reflecting on how different the world must’ve looked 102 years ago. Some of the most interesting findings: horse and buggy were more common than Model T cars, and at the end of WWI (his birth year) armies still rode horses into battle.

Coming this June on “A Lesbian and her Laptop”

I am planning on putting out a few posts for Pride month! The specifics of such are undecided, but you should expect to see some more personal posts and reflections this month. A post on labels on a broader community level (rather than my own experience with them) is also in the works, along with promotions for LGBTQ+ content creators. Book reviews this month will be on Eleanor & Hick and a 1937 lesbian sci-fi novel, The Female Man.

It is also very likely that this blog will be getting an upgrade this month! Thanks to all of your generous ko-fi donations, I have been able to reach my halfway goal for an upgraded WordPress package. This will allow me to customize my theme, install plugins, and provide tools to grow my readership.

If you enjoyed any of my posts this May, please consider adding $3 to this fund!

If you are an lgbtq+ content creator (YouTuber, blogger, artist, photographer, etc.) please reach out to me! I am looking to highlight LGBTQ+ content creators, their work, and their Venmo/Ko-fi/commissions/etc. You can reach me via DM on Twitter or Instagram, or send an email through my contact page.

2 thoughts on “May Review

  1. Well done on 1,000 views! I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandad – I’m sure he was an absolutely brilliant man that will always be remembered. 102 aswell!!! What an amazing age to reach. x

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