Support LGBTQ Creatives: Lutalica (Band)

The image states, Support LGBTQ Creatives, Lutalica, band. Lutalica cover art shows a polaroid photo with T V static. Words in the static state, all my love to long ago.

Welcome to the last series of Pride month! All this week, I will be sharing blog posts featuring different LGBTQ artists in a range of disciplines. Check out all the LGBTQ Creatives worthy of support here!

Who is Lutalica?

Lutalica is indie-type band of two young Michiganders, Lee and Tyler who began creating music in 2017. Lee is queer and trans (they/them), and Tyler is bisexual (she/her). The band released their first album, Ghost, in fall of 2018, and a remastered album earlier this year. Lee and Tyler are currently working on mini EPs and plan to continue creating music through their last year of high school. Their sound reminds me of that happy-go-lucky ukulele sound (think Dodie Clark or Grace VanderWaal) paired with an unexpectedly deep and soulful voice.

Music and Identity

Lee and Tyler put a lot of their experiences into their lyrics, which includes a number of things: relationships with people, challenges with mental illness, good ol’ existential fear. And of course, some queer identity thrown into the mix. Love songs (or longing songs) usually feature falling for the same gender, using she/her pronouns most of the time. (Just look to “Girl Crush,” “Priestess,” and “Really Lame Love Song,” to name a few.)

Lee’s lyric writing also draws from their rejection from family after coming out. The anger they experienced after facing this moment had an impact on the songs in the band’s first EP. Now, they say, Lee’s writing focuses more on a variety, but their queer experience is still always a part of that.

Lutalica: Past and Future

The band started as a way to keep Lee and Tyler, best friends of nine years, together and connected when Tyler moved away. The two were inspired by the odd group of kids forming a band in Disney’s Lemonade Mouth. From here, the friends sent parts of lyrics and melodies back and forth until full songs formed.

Even as the band faces another upcoming separation with college, neither bandmate expects to put Lutalica down for too long. As Lee explained, “I know that making music, together or apart, will always be a part of our lives.” The feedback that the band receives always keeps them wanting to create more. Their main goal? To help others feel like they aren’t alone.

Where to Listen

You can listen to Lutalica on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music by searching “Lutalica.” You can also show your support and stay updated by following the band on Twitter.

The two bandmates pose in the street holding a guitar and amp in their hands.
Tyler (left) and Lee (right) get excited about their recent show.

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