Support LGBTQ Creatives: Micki Marina (Poet)

The image states, support lgbtq creatives, Micki Marina, poet. A book cover states, goddess of the moon, poetry by micki marina. The book cover has 3 moon phases as follows. First cresent, full, last cresent.

Welcome to the last series of Pride month! All this week, I will be sharing blog posts featuring different LGBTQ artists in a range of disciplines. Check out all the LGBTQ Creatives worthy of support here!

Who is Micki Marina?

Micki is an 18-year-old lesbian poetry and fiction writer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. She’s been writing stories from a very young age and got involved in poetry writing around the same time she realized she wasn’t straight in her early teen years. This discovery paired with watching spoken-word poetry on YouTube inspired her own poems, which turned into a collection in two short years. From here, Micki began revising and learned how to self-publish her poetry collection while working on overcoming the fear of sharing her poetry for how vulnerable of an act it is. After another two years, Micki released her poetry collection this January.

Identity and Writing

Micki finds that her lesbian identity has a large impact on her writing, especially with poetry. She describes her poetry book as her journey of self-discovery, which absolutely includes her love for women. In fact, “It’s the reason my poetry book is called goddess of the moon,” she explains. It really doesn’t get more sapphic than that my friends, does it? Micki’s poems “celebrate femininity” and speaks from her point of view as a queer woman, which extends further than her love for women by broadening her lens of the world through this identity.

Generously, Micki decided to share a poem from her poetry book with us, to get a taste of what her collection is.

for girls like 14 year old me, struggling with their sexuality

you can love girls
I know this world says that you have to love
and that you think this world is all that there
because of what you see in this heteronormative society.
I know that that makes you feel lonely and different and at conflict.
but I know now that there’s a whole other world
out there,
a world of peace;
you are just not tall enough yet to see.
it’s a world in which loving someone of the
same gender is okay,
a world in which there are thousands of other
girls like
you who feel the same.
It’s a world in which you are not told who you
have to be,
but a world in which you can just simply be.
yes it is as magical as I am describing, you see
this world doesn’t have restrictions, only
rainbow colored flags
with which we celebrate our diversity.
you do not have to fit into the stereotypes,
you do not have to dress yourself a certain way
or call yourself a certain something.
in this world we take those labelled clothes off;
labels itch
so little girls who loves girls,
I hope you know that there’s a place where you
can love them.
You’ll find your way there soon.

Where to support

Perhaps the best thing about supporting Micki is that you actually support the community too! 50% of the royalties from her poetry book are donated to LGBT rights organizations. That’s a win-win! You can buy her book here.

Not sure yet? Read a book review on goodreads here and support her poetry on Instagram. And of course, keep up with Micki on Twitter!

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