Support LGBTQ Creatives: Alicyn McNally

The title states, support lgbtq creatives, alicyn McNally, artist.

Welcome to the last series of Pride month! All this week, I will be sharing blog posts featuring different LGBTQ artists in a range of disciplines. Check out all the LGBTQ Creatives worthy of support here!

Who is Alicyn?

Alicyn is a bisexual artist and graphic designer about to receive her graphic design degree at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She’s been creating since she was a kid, favoring pen, graphite, and acrylics.

In higher education, Alicyn decided to study graphic design as a “practical” choice of an art career, while also enjoying her traditional artistic roots on the side. However, through her studies at Kendall, graphic design has become another love of hers, and not just for the stable career path. With graphics, Alicyn has been able to draw from her math and typography skills and enjoy the business behind design.

Identity and Art

With Alicyn’s split between traditional and graphic art, she has a common denominator: queer subjects. As someone attending art school, you can probably guess that Alicyn has plenty of queer friends, many of which serve as subjects for her pencil portraits. In fact, she has even drawn a portrait of me and my girlfriend; a drawing that I absolutely adore.

With a publication designed for her studies, Alicyn also turned to queer people for her subject. The publication explored the lgbtq community in digital spaces and how queer people often find their tribe online and connect with people digitally. Alicyn explained that this project opened a discussion about sexual/gender identity in her class, as many others were unfamiliar with this experience.

Where to support

Great news! There are plenty of ways you can support Alicyn and her work. First, start by following her on Twitter. (She’s very funny and could actually be a stand-up comedian.) You can also view her publication here, and she is always looking for more people to add. If you have a story to share, let her know!

You can also buy her art! Right now she is selling these adorable veggies (I bought the avocado one in the past, too cute to pass up) for $8 (6×4), $15 (8×8), or $25 (11×17) (plus shipping to have the print sent to you). She is also taking commissions for pencil portraits. (Don’t worry straights, she will still draw you.) You send her a photo, she charges $20 for the portrait (plus shipping again for the physical copy). (Contact her on Twitter!)

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