Support LGBTQ Creatives: LESS BEINGS (Band)

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Welcome to the last series of Pride month! All this week, I will be sharing blog posts featuring different LGBTQ artists in a range of disciplines. Check out all the LGBTQ Creatives worthy of support here!

What is “Less Beings”?

LESS BEINGS is an indie alternative band based in Canada, made up of two lesbians in their twenties, Alex Genik and Kendra Pitts. The band started in 2017 and has since released a handful of songs, including those on their latest EP, “Say It Fast.” They are currently working on another album which will feature a few songs with she/her pronouns.

Alex started playing the guitar at age five and developed this love for music in her late teens when she started writing her own songs. Kendra’s music-making passion began in high school and started getting serious in 2015 as she fell in love with the ukulele and self-taught the piano. After creating music separately for some time, the two swapped ideas for feedback, adding to each other’s creations until a band formed organically.

Identity and Music

Alex and Kendra considers their identities as factors that influence their writing due to the “sensitivity” that being LGBTQ+ makes you see and interpret the world. They also attribute this sensitivity to not only the queer community, but also with mental health challenges.

Although some of their songs veer away from explicit queer references (such as using gender neutral pronouns in love songs), they do have more direct references in their upcoming album.  Less Beings also has a hilarious and fun folksy song titled, “The Lesbian Song” that cycles through all the lesbian stereotypes in a prideful anthem for those in on the joke. (It definitely made me laugh, especially the lines about having a girlfriend who lives “only” 4,000 miles away. (Guilty as charged.))

Where to support

You can listen to LESS BEINGS on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and purchase their music on iTunes. For extra support, you can reach out to them and let them know how much you love their tunes on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel for additional content.

LESS BEINGS: Alex (left) and Kendra (right)

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