June Review

Monthly reviews recaps blog post activity on “A Lesbian and Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This month on “A Lesbian and her Laptop”

We reached an all-time high on views for the third consecutive month, this time surpassing 2,500 views! This June has been the busiest month in this blog’s history and released a whopping 18 posts. This included the introduction of 3 new blog series and a second post in the “People and Pride” series that explores how the relationship between my sister and me has altered and strengthened as I came to accept my sexual identity.

The first new series of June is a complete series called, “My Identity Journey,” and—as the title suggests—documents my identity journey through 5 distinct phases that I encountered through this 7-year process (non-heterosexual, asexual, bisexual, queer, and lesbian). This series was inspired by a suggestion in my curious cat inbox and voted on in a Twitter poll. So, if there’s something you’d like to see in the future, be sure to send suggestions and follow me on Twitter!

The second (and complete) series worked to highlight a handful of LGBTQ content creators and how their identities influence their work. This series went out all last week and featured artists, bands, writers, and a pair of podcast hosts. It was great to learn about some creatives in the community and promote their work!

The third is an ongoing series titled, J&J chats. In this series, my girlfriend (Jas) and I respond to anonymous advice requests submitted through my Curious Cat. We discuss the situation with each other, which I record through the voice notes app on my phone and transcribe it for publishing. So far, we have completed topics about BPD, biphobia/lesbophobia in relationships, putting up with homophobia from a partner’s friend, and making online friends. While this series continues to grow, we will likely limit ourselves to a number of chats per week, but right now we plan to accept all requests in the coming week, so submit your requests now!

As you may have noticed, I updated my blog’s WordPress hosting plan! Thank you everyone for all your help with this! I am SO grateful for all the support.

Personal updates

To my disappointment, I have not yet finished Eleanor & Hick, which will certainly be getting completed this July. After which, I will likely begin reading a lesbian sci-fi book sent from one of my friends.

My hobby hyper-fixation is still gardening, and likely will continue to be all through July. I have acquired a few slight sunburns this month while weeding. The garden is absolutely prospering. We have harvested all our radishes, and been able to cut some spinach, kale, and romaine lettuce. Most of the other plants are at their flowering stage.

I generally had a very happy month! I haven’t felt this great since returning to the US in February after visiting my girlfriend. But this June, I’ve had a very good handle on my anxiety lately, despite the very consistent worries about several things going on in my life at the moment. I’m not too sure what has been helping me overcome this lately, but I plan on working to identify that.

Now for THE BIG NEWS! If you haven’t already heard via Twitter, my girlfriend has booked her flights to return back to the US on November 16 and stay until just about the end of January. It will be her first Christmas here in the States, which my family is very excited about!

Coming this June on “A Lesbian and her Laptop”

You will definitely be getting the Eleanor & Hick queer book review, as mentioned last month, possible along with a 1937 lesbian sci-fi novel, The Female Man. I will also be continuing the J&J Chats all this month. Send your advice requests here.

This coming Wednesday, I will be posting a discussion-opener on queer discourse focused in lesbian discourse and inter-community discrimination. This focus is on lesbian discourse because I am a lesbian, but I will be opening a discussion for other members of the community to voice their concerns and experiences. I hope to facilitate a group of thoughtful guest posts that bring diverse experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community to a discourse conversation in an attempt to build some bridges.

I will also be reviewing a film from a fellow filmmaker that I went to university with. His film features two queer characters in an artsy and inquisitive way.

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