July Review

The image title states, July review of a lesbian and her laptop.

Monthly reviews recaps blog post activity on “A Lesbian and Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This month on “A Lesbian and her Laptop”

This month, we reached another 2,000 views with a visitor total of over 1,000! Posts were not as frequent as June (8 total compared to June’s 18), but we were still able to grow our audience! These posts included some J&J Chats, an update to the People and Pride series, an update to How I Met My Girlfriend, and a few stand-alone posts.

The first stand-alone, titled “Sharing experiences to build bridges: An open letter to LGBTQIA+ people on inter-community tension,” aimed to address tension between lesbians and nonlesbians in the lgbt community. While the post received a lot of support on Twitter, I was somewhat disappointed to find that nonlesbians did not reach out to me to voice their own opinion on the intercommunity tension they face. I am still looking to take submissions/pitch ideas for this.

The second post, titled “Am I a Predator? Inside the mind of a touch-starved queer woman,” discussed my strained relationship with physical closeness in platonic friendships with women throughout my life. This has been the most well-received post I have ever published on the blog, gaining over 100 likes on Twitter and replies from queer girls all over the world saying how much they relate to the feelings in the post. This was quite the humbling experience knowing how the blog helped other queer people and women understand their own complicated relationships with touch.

Three of my posts this month featured one of my favorite people in the world, Alicyn, including the touch post, the How I Met My Girlfriend update, and the People and Pride feature about how we started as Twitter friends and ended up IRL friends.

J&J Chat update: We are still doing chats! My girlfriend and I have been extremely busy this month with harshly conflicting schedules. Unfortunately, we’ve had about 3 advice requests waiting for almost 3 weeks now, but we still plan to chat them up! Continue sending advice requests anonymously via my Curious Cat if you want in-depth advice! Main topics so far include: BPD, biphobia/lesbophobia, online friends.

Personal updates

I have finally finished Eleanor & Hick! You can read the queer book review for the historical account of the previous first lady’s relationship with female reporter, Hick, by clicking the link. I am currently reading The Female Man, a sci-fi series featuring a planet of only women.

My garden is truly living! After facing some setbacks due to a fluffy freeloader nibbling on cabbages, broccoli, beans, and peas, all said plants have made it to harvest! We made coleslaw from cabbage heads the other day, I am picking green beans and peas at least three times a week, and I pickled at least a dozen jars of cucumbers throughout July, maybe more. The tomato plants are now taller than I am, and they are finally starting to ripen!

I’ve also started crocheting again! I’m going to make a very large blanket with lesbian flag colors. I picked yarn that uses some wool, and I’ve quickly realized that this blanket will likely end up costing me like $100 in yarn after completing two rolls. Right now it looks like a scarf and I’m addicted to it until I run out of money.

Coming this August on “A Lesbian and her Laptop”

You will definitely be getting a queer book review for The Female Man, as well as more J&J Chats that I hope go back to being more regular. I’ll also be doing a review of an independent short feature that has some queer women as protagonists. As for the rest of August, I’m not too sure what posts will be heading your way! I have drafted a post on bi lesbian discourse, but as I’ve seen this take the backseat online, I don’t want to dredge it back up again, so this post is on hold for now.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see this month, send me a DM or message on Curious Cat!

If you enjoyed any of the posts this month, please consider donating $3 to help support the blog!

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