100th post on AL&HL

The title states, one hundredth A L and H L post giveaway. Beside the title is a photo of buttons with the blog logo and title.

This is my 100Th post with A Lesbian and Her Laptop! Let the appreciation begin! (Don’t miss my button giveaway!)

A Brief History of AL&HL

I started this blog in September of 2017 after getting my bachelor’s degree in writing and film earlier that spring. I used it to occupy my time after Jas left for the summer and to keep my creative writing skills practiced. And even though I’d worked through all the painful parts of my identity journey by the time AL&HL started, I still had all the tragic angst ready for material.

The blog started as a means to work through some of the inner conflict that accompanied my identity journey, and to let anyone who related feel understood with those words. Never did I really think much would come of this. I think back then I didn’t expect to reach a 100th post at all. But I’m here because of you. Yes, you, the one reading this right now.

Thank you, readers!

To anyone who has read even just one blog post: Thank you! I truly wouldn’t be doing this without readers—though often fluctuating, but still showing up for every post.

To readers who like the posts: Thank you! That little heart of validation helps boost the way my blog looks for future employers!

To readers who leave comments: Thank you! You’re a huge help; you boost me up when I need it; you keep engagement going; you encourage me to keep writing.

To readers who share blog posts via social media or word of mouth: THANK YOU! You are expanding my readership and are pushing me to continue creating the content you want to see by holding me accountable to others who are interested. You’re getting more people to read/follow, helping me with future job prospects, and helping me develop this into a blog that offsets some of my blogging-related costs.

To readers who have ever donated to my Ko-Fi page or became my patron: THANK!  YOU ! As much as I don’t want money to matter, it does. I truly would not be able to keep this blog running or keep as much content coming without these donations.

Special thank-yous!

I’ve had some readers here for years, and I’d like to give them a special thank you. You all mean so much to me, and you have all greatly contributed to the success of this blog.

My girlfriend, JasminThanks for always reading and sharing any post I ask you to. Your (obligated) engagement with my blog post has certainly helped me gain the readership I have today. Thank you for being one-half of my favorite love story, for shedding some of your wisdom in the J&J Chats, and for being vulnerable enough for me to share some of the BPD side of things with readers. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without you. You are really the heart of all my writing, and I am going to write a book about you one day. (Read our love story here.)

AlicynYou have always been reading and liking and sharing, even before we became the close friends we are now. Your support has been one of very few carrying from a year or two back, and I appreciate all your engagement with the posts, encouragement with my stories, and inspiration for a few posts as well.

HarriMy dude, you have been reading forever it feels like. Probably since the first day we followed each other. Even before we really connected, or before I thought we might become the good friends that we are now. You have always supported me, sharing posts, liking posts, encouraging others (via Twitter and talking to people) about my posts. I probably owe a good percentage of my readers to you. Thank you for all the hard promoting work you do for me!

Riley & ChloeYou two adorable idiots have also been loyal readers back when I only knew of you. I am so grateful to now call you close friends and to feel so completely supported by you two when it comes to not only my stories, but for me and Jas as well. We both love you dearly and you two both helped push me forward with the HIMMGF series when I’d been less inspired to do so.

SarahYou have literally been there for my posts since day 1 of the blog’s construction, and I appreciate every like, share, comment, reply, retweet—everything. Even when I had no one else reading and engaging, you were there, boosting me up, boosting the posts up, and always leaving comments.

EllieI’ll say it before, and I’ll say it again. The blog simply wouldn’t exist without you. Without your encouragement, and you reaching out to me to tell me how much the posts touched you, I would not have kept going. I owe you everything.

TaraAnother reader from literal day 1. Thank you for always reading. For someone as busy as you, it absolutely warmed my heart that you still always found the time to read, especially back when I had a total of 3 people reading. Your encouraging words helped me push forward when I needed it.

Mickie & BYou two are always so supportive of my posts. Mickie thank you for always sharing them and reading. I am endlessly thankful for my beautiful buttons. Everyone I’ve been able to send them too so far adores them. I am so very excited to begin working on movie nights together!

LaurenThank you for always sharing my posts and leaving replies and/or quoted tweets, especially for ones about long-distance! You’ve helped get more people interested in reading my posts, and for that I am very grateful.

HopeI’m so grateful for the day you reached out to me to tell me that the HIMMGF series connected with you because of your LDR too. These interactions always mean so much to me and keep me inspired to write for the blog.

LeahThank you so much for always sharing the posts! Your kind words and shares (and shares of my Ko-Fi page) are always so helpful and appreciated.

ChynaYou are almost always the first person to retweet a blog post. Thanks for the constant promo and for reading!

LukeI’ve never been validated about the blog by an actual adult in my entire life, let alone by a bestselling author. The day you told me you read these posts and shared the parts you liked the best changed my entire perspective about the blog. You gave me goals, aspirations, and the courage to believe that I can do this.

Bottom line: thank you to everyone who continues to read, share, and donate! You all make this blog possible.

A giveaway!

To celebrate, I am hosting a little giveaway! I am giving away two buttons (pins) with the blog name and logo, shipping worldwide. To enter, just follow my Twitter account and reply to the Tweet with either your favorite blog post, or why you started reading the blog. Last day to enter is September 24. Have fun!


If you enjoyed any of my 100 blog posts, please consider donating $3 to help keep the blog running! Or, become a patron (starting at $1/month) for exclusive content.

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