November Review

Monthly reviews recaps blog post activity on “A Lesbian and Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This November on AL&HL

This month surpassed 1,000 views and has finally reached 250 followers on WordPress. AL&HL is officially a quarter of the way to 1,000 followers! Help the blog gain support by sharing and replying to blog posts on different social platforms and by simply telling your friends to read!

November produced a book review for Ain’t Gonna Be The Same Fool Twice by April Sinclair, the sequel to Coffee Will Make You Black. The book itself was alright, but doesn’t match my love for the original. Another queer representation review post this month came in the form of a Movie Club Sungay analysis of Disobedience. After my first rewatch of the new sapphic classic, I’d been reminded of how sad and powerful the film is.

November also published a post titled “Is Tolerance Enough?” and focuses on the distinction between tolerance and acceptance for the UN’s recognized International Day of Tolerance on November 16th.

The Ko-Fi page for AL&HL now reaches 85% of its goal to replace my laptop! I am planning on replacing this clunk of metal within the first few months of the new year, and the Ko-Fi goal is on track to assist me with this! The Patreon page now has 8 patrons for $28/month, helping me achieve more of a consistent pay as a content creator and writer. Thank you all patrons! Patreon perks start at $1/month, which include a monthly “How I Met My Girlfriend” post and book updates.

Personal updates

My long-distance girlfriend, Jas, arrived into town on November 16th, hence some of the slow updates this month. More updates about our time so far will be released next week in a “How I Met My Girlfriend” post.

This month was NaNoWriMo, and although I did not crank out a 50,000 word book, I did stick to the most consistent writing schedule I have in my entire life and completed the first 3 chapters of my blog-to-book project. I will be updating AL&HL’s Patreon page with monthly updates on this book, including the book title, details that I am considering to include, and polls and suggestions that may influence creative decisions.

I completed crocheting my lesbian blanket a few days before Jas’ arrival, and it is utterly gorgeous and extremely warm. I will be starting another blanket in the near future for a friend, which I’m excited to get started.

A person holds a crocheted blanket. The blanket is as long as the person holding it. The blanket has 5 equal colors from top to bottom as follows. Purple, pink, white, light orange, dark orange.
lesbian blanket!

I am still offering services to help strengthen writing of all kinds, including essays, research papers, fanfics, etc., in both the content and grammar. You can book the service through my Fiverr account, but you can also DM me on Twitter with questions and work to review. For $1 per 250 words, I correct all grammar/typo errors and provide a write-up addressing organization, development, and style of all writing.

Coming up December on AL&HL

I will be updating the “How I Met My Girlfriend” series, as mentioned previously. I will also be doing a Carol analysis for Movie Club Sungay later this month. I am considering doing an analysis and how-to-watch guide for telenovela favorites, Juliantina.

If you enjoyed any of the blog posts during October, consider making a one-time $3 donation to my Ko-Fi, or becoming a patron for exclusive blog content (starting at $1/month). And remember to share your favorite posts to get more people reading!

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