A Lesbian and Her Laptop: June Overview

The rainbow laptop logo for A Lesbian and Her Laptop includes the title, June Overview of AL&HL.

Monthly overviews recap blog post activity on “A Lesbian and Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This June on A Lesbian and Her Laptop

This June, A Lesbian and Her Laptop performed at an all-time record, gathering over 4,000 views this month, surpassing 2k visitors, with 327 followers! I am very grateful and excited to see the blog gain such growth so far this year. Another tiny victory to share: AL&HL made its very first nickel via WordAds between May and June! You can’t buy anything in the world for five cents, but I’m still very excited about it. Remember that the best way to help AL&HL grow is by sharing the posts and telling your friends to read!

This June produced a recurring Pride series to spotlight LGBTQ Creatives, ranging from authors, to jewelers, to textile artists, and others. This month also came out with a new Pride series called “Pride Project 2020,” featuring a few LGTBQ writers’ experiences of Pride and what that means to them. This is the first guest-post series I’ve taken part in myself! I also published a post about how to leave toxic fandoms, inspired by a toxic fandom that I left.

The Ko-Fi page is, as always, accepting $3+ donations to support the blog. The current goal hopes to offset shipping costs on AL&HL badges, which will soon be for sale in my Ko-Fi shop along with AL&HL iridescent stickers.

The Ko-Fi page has also been upgraded to gold thanks to a successful and generous goal this month. A Lesbian and Her Laptop now offers commission posts through Ko-Fi, ranging from J&J Chats for advice, LGBTQ creator/business promos, and special topics! Please feel free to DM me if you have an questions about commissions!

The Patreon for AL&HL now has 16 patrons for $41/month! This is also at an all-time high, and I know I sound like a broken record with this, but consistent pay as a content creator is HUGE and never never never taken for granted. Patreon subscriptions start at just $1 per month, which includes a monthly “How I Met My Girlfriend” bonus post and book updates.

Personal updates

As you may have noticed, this is the first monthly review for A Lesbian and Her Laptop all year, due to poor mental health after my girlfriend returned to the UK and then forced isolation for the following months, as I’m sure you’re all aware. HOWEVER! Things have been looking up and been getting easier.

My vegetable garden is going very well! So far we have onions and garlic going strong, some squash on the ready, kale, spinach, green beans, and snap peas all ripe! Lots of other plants are flowering and should be growing some veg real soon!

I’ve picked up embroidery while in isolation and fell in love! I started embroidering my friends’ birth charts, which was awesome and something I’m going to start doing again after my current project.

I am still offering services to help strengthen writing of all kinds, including essays, research papers, fanfics, etc., in both the content and grammar. You can DM me on Twitter with questions and work to review. For $3 per 250 words, I correct all grammar/typo errors and provide a write-up addressing organization, development, and style of all writing.

Coming up July on AL&HL

I will be updating the “How I Met My Girlfriend” series at long last, detailing some events from my girlfriend’s last visit. July includes Nonbinary awareness day, so I will be doing something special for that. I have also been reading a lot lately, so I think there will be 3 book reviews this month. (Colors by Johvan Calvo, Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, and Overshare by Rose and Rosie.) I also have a J&J Chat coming out soon about living in the closet with homophobic parents. Lots of good stuff coming this month!

If you enjoyed any of the blog posts during June, consider making a one-time $3 donation to my Ko-Fi, or becoming a patron for exclusive blog content (starting at $1/month). And remember to share your favorite posts to get more people reading!

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