Queer Self-care: Ethical and genderless products from Thea’s Essence

The title states, product review, queer self-care products and essential oils by Thea's Essence. An image of the product reveals vials of essential oils, body spray, lotion, a bath bomb, a pride flag, art of two women, and a small sign that states, All Black Lives Matter.

Good day gays! Today I offer you AL&HL’s very first product review: queer self-care products from Thea’s Essence that are both genderless and ethical!

Like every other product or brand I have ever mentioned on this blog, I do not receive any money if you decide to buy. However, I did not purchase the products in this review. But I did intentionally seek out this particular brand for its ethical image and genderless marketing for self-care products. What I have for you today: essential oils ready for body application, body spray, body and hand lotion, a bath bomb, all neatly and colorfully packaged for the LGBTs in a “Pride Box.”

Thea’s Essence essential oils ARE self-care

Rating: A+ smells. A+ vibes.

3 essential oil vials by Thea's Essence are displayed, each containing 10 mililiters, or zero point 3 3 fluid ounces. The oil labels are as follows. Stress be gone, higher vibration, and I am bliss.
3 essential oil options from Thea’s Essence.

Previous essential oil use: Basically none. However, I’d like to scrape together a case here that attempts to convince you that I know what I’m talking about. The Midwest likes to flop between 100% humid summers to skin-cracking dry winters. So, I’ve been an avid humidifier user for several years all winter long and have taken to using calming vapor inserts that use lavender essential oils when my anxiety runs high. (Frequently.) So, I rely on the soothing parts of essential oils in the winter.

Thea’s Essence experience: Expectations fulfilled! Thea’s Essences’ roll-on and pre-diluted oils are made ready for body application, which is the perfect summertime alternative for my usual calming reliance on essential oils. Without wanting to run a humidifier in the wet summer heat, a roll-on vial of essential oil does just the trick and smells great.

Essential oil highlights:

  • Large range of essential oil scents and purposes.
  • “Stress Be Gone” oil replaced my need for calming vapors and helps me relax when I’m particularly stressed about work or about the fact COVID-19 is still ruining my life and I have no idea when I’ll see my girlfriend again.
  • “Wind Down” also has calming and relaxing effects.
  • My favorite oil based off smell is “Higher Vibration,” and emits a citrusy and earthy fragrance, which I may or may not have been using as perfume for several days.
  • My mom lives with chronic pain and migraines and reported to me that the “Bye Bye Pain” oil did relieve some migraine pain.
  • Scents of all oils are not gendered. None of the oils smell overwhelmingly “feminine” or “masculine.” I am reporting this as someone who hasn’t worn feminine-smelling perfume in a decade because I am not about it. But I’d wear any of these oils without worrying about smelling too “girly.”

Ultimate queer self-care: Thea’s Essence “Pride Box

Rating: Colorful assortment of all things Pride and self-care! 10/10 very pleased with my box.

A box decorated with rainbows, colorful beans, and rainbow colored hands and hearts states, Pride.
Pride box from Thea’s Essence.

Previous self-care use: My self-care is very concentrated into my curly queer hair routine, but I routinely appreciate art and gay paraphernalia. Plus, I’ve been on the hunt for a new body spray.

Thea’s Essence experience: The goods never stopped! The small box contained so many goodies it felt like a late Pride celebration. I’m particularly fond of the “Pride Qween” body spray, a powerful blend of sweet and spicy fragrances that are, again, genderless in nature. Here’s my body spray experience:

So, I put the body spray on my “Girls Like Girls” t-shirt, which I noticed lingering on the fabric all day long in a way that was both potent but not overpowering. I went to bed wearing the same shirt (because when you’re spending the whole day without leaving your house, what’s the point?) and woke up to the fragrance still there. I discarded the shirt in my hamper the next morning, only to dig out and wear to bed that night too since I forgot to do laundry. And the body spray smell was still there! I even made my brother sniff it to make sure I wasn’t imagining the warm cinnamon-y scent. Thea’s Essence has another body spray available called “Revolution” and it’s definitely on the list for my next self-care splurge.

Pride Box highlights:

  • Comes with a mini pride flag. I immediately turned this into bookshelf décor.
  • Little “All Black Lives Matter” art.
  • Includes 2 essential oil vials (which I’ve obviously already convinced you are great).
  • The bath bomb in it smells absolutely superb (same scent as the stress-relieving essential oil). I have yet to use it because I am incapable of enjoying a bath in the summer weather.
  • Body spray can survive at least two days on fabric that also spent the night in a dirty clothes hamper.
  • Comes with a tiny jar of black glitter. Yes, you edgy folk can also enjoy some self-care.
  • I have mild eczema and the hand/body lotion did not irritate it or burn me—a huge win.
  • The box itself is super cute??? I will have to reuse and store some craft supplies that I only use every 3 years in that.
  • Portion of Pride Box profits is donated to the Black Visions Collective, an organization promoting Black autonomy, healing, and freedom, led by Black, trans, and queer people.

The Essence of Thea is ethical and queer self-care

Thea’s Essence centers its brand image on LGBTQ inclusivity and supporting causes and movements that matter to their customers. What might that be (besides gay), you ask? Here’s a running list:

  • Products are vegan and cruelty free
  • Ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced
  • The creators behind Thea’s Essence, Samique and Edith, are fluid, so genderless branding and inclusivity is at the core of what they create.
  • Portions of profits are donated to BLM organizations (specifically in Portland, because they are Oregon-based), protest bail funds, and other organizations that promote and celebrate BIPOC and LGBTQ liberation.
  • All shipments are automatically carbon offset courtesy of Thea’s Essence’s monetary contribution for each purchase.

Get $5 off your Thea’s Essence order!

Use this link at checkout, and you get $5. And so do I. That way, I can buy the Revolution fragrance. It’s a win-win.

If you’re interested in having a review for your brand, get in touch by filling out my contact form!

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