A Lesbian and Her Laptop: August Review

A Lesbian and Her Laptop's blog logo includes the title, August Overview of A L and H L.

Monthly overviews recap blog post activity on “A Lesbian and Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This August on A Lesbian and Her Laptop

This August, A Lesbian and Her Laptop broke our 5,000 views milestone, surpassed by over 1k views, and also peaking our highest visitors every at almost 3,500! We gained a couple dozen followers, now racked up to 366. If you are not following, be sure to do so! I am so excited for all the progress the blog has made this year alone. Help me continue growing AL&HL’s readership by sharing posts and telling your friends to read!

August saw few posts this month, but the two we did publish were milestones for A Lesbian and Her Laptop. At the beginning of the month, AL&HL shared our very first product review for gender-neutral and ethical self-care brand, Thea’s Essence. The brand sells queer-positive fragrances, bath bombs, essential oils, and more, where a portion of all profits aid LGBTQ and BIPOC-led grassroots movements and Portland bail funds. It was very exciting to work my first brand, and I fell in love with each product I tested, but you can read that for yourself! (I do not make any profit from purchases made through blog referrals.)

I also came out as nonbinary! This was somewhat unexpected, as I did not expect to find a strong enough comfort in my gender identity to come out publicly so soon, but the response I’ve received thus far has been very rewarding. Several people reached out to me on Twitter to share that the post has helped them feel valid and more understanding of their own gender identity, which is extremely humbling to hear.

As always, A Lesbian and Her Laptop is accepting donations of $3 via our Ko-Fi page. We also offer commissions for LGBTQ, (long distance) relationship, and mental health advice in J&J Chats ($3), LGBTQ creators and artist promo posts ($5), and queer content reviews ($8). AL&HL’s now has a Ko-Fi shop with holographic stickers ($4) and pin badges ($6) with the name and logo, shipping worldwide. The current Ko-Fi goal is raising the funds to purchase writing app, Scrivener, before November’s NaNoWriMo.

AL&HL’s Patreon now has 19 patrons for $49/month! I just need ONE MORE subscriber to reach $50! Patreon subscriptions start at just $1 per month, which includes a monthly bonus post and book updates.

Personal updates

The vegetable garden is making the fall transition, where most plants have finished their harvest period. (Either that or we ripped the plants out ourselves because we have so many jars of pickles that we’ve run out of shelving space.) The tomatoes and peppers are still producing strong, and we’ve begun jarring stewed tomatoes and our family-famous salsa. We also got our first orange pumpkin recently and our spaghetti squashes will be ready for harvest soon.

I edited my first full manuscript! I am very excited to share this update, as it was one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve had this year. My name will be on the copyright page and my author’s copy of the book should be arriving in the mail soon!

I am still offering services to help strengthen writing of all kinds, including essays, research papers, fanfics, etc., in both the content and grammar. You can DM me on Twitter with questions and work to review. For $3 per 250 words, I correct all grammar/typo errors and provide a write-up addressing organization, development, and style of all writing.

NaNoWriMo better be ready for me! I’m writing this here to force myself to stick to it. I’ve been doing a lot of prep work in regards to my blog-to-book project in terms of organization and assigning relevant blogs to chapters.

Coming up September on A Lesbian and Her Laptop

We have a couple of book reviews coming out this month, including the book that I edited. (I’m biased, but it’s still a good book!) I’m also looking for J&J Chat requests for one free anonymous post this month. You can send your request to my Curious Cat.

September is home to Bisexual Awareness Week, so A Lesbian and Her Laptop will be hosting its third annual guest-writer series for this special week! A handful of bisexual writers are working on their posts which will be coming out starting on September 16 through the 23rd.

If you enjoyed any of the blog posts during August, consider making a one-time $3 donation to my Ko-Fi, or becoming a patron for exclusive blog content (starting at $1/month). And remember to share your favorite posts to get more people reading!

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