LGBT Book Review: Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts by Johvan Calvo

A book cover has a rainbow and states, LGBT Book Review. The title states, Stand-Up Comedy for Introverts by Johvan Calvo.

Welcome to another LGBT book review! All reviews touch on genre/plot, tropes (if any), quality of LGBT content, and avoid most spoilers. Catch up on my last book review of Overshare: Love, laughs, sexuality and secrets by Rose and Rosie. You can find all LGBT book reviews here.

Fun context for Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts

My friend wrote this book! Now, I’m not just promoting this book as a favor, I’m also promoting it for my own personal gain. Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts is the first book I edited in full, and the first book on the shelf with my name on the copyright page!

Now, my personal ties do not mean you should spend a few bucks to please me and my friend. You should spend it because the book is entertaining as hell, a great laugh, and I personally made sure it contained Oxford commas whenever necessary. (Plus, the personal gain is a joke; I’ve already gotten my paycheck.)

LGBT Book, Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts: Light spoilers


Calvo describes Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts as a comedic memoir. The plot? There isn’t one, but that’s part of the charm. Think of it as a collection of hilarious hot takes, each chapter a new stand-up routine “for the girls and the gays only.” What kind of hot takes, you ask? We have “Scary Movies,” “Gays in Media,” and my personal favorite, “Philosophy and Nonsense.”


Your main man and author, Johvan Calvo, is a Hispanic gay who brings his identity into the story when needed. Or when it brings a good laugh to the reader. Although my white English-speaking-only ass could not read any of the occasional Spanish dialogues, I assume it was all funny and worthwhile, so I gave it a good chuckle every time.

Johvan’s track record of relationships makes for plenty of good laughs. The chapter “Fifty First Disasters,” includes a documentation of all of his laugh-worthy dating and hookup mistakes, including a blow-job gone wrong and all the times he’s been “the crazy ex.” Thankfully, the story does note a happy and healthy relationship with his current boyfriend, Quinn.    

Gay Content

The story centers gay identity during some chapters, particularly in the one about gays on TV, the one about love, sex, and everything in-between, and of course, the fifty first disasters. A little bit about coming out, a little bit about being bullied, a little bit about living life as a gay man, Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts balances humor, narrative, and Gay very well–not so much that the whole story centers Gay, but enough for the identity to become carefully woven into the fabric–inseparable.

LGBT Book, Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts: Rating

This book is worth the buy. Sure, maybe I’m a little biased. I did add all the book’s Oxford commas, after all. But at least you can take comfort in knowing the commas are there.

Stand-Up (Comedy) for Introverts is a hilariously crafted memoir guaranteed to make you laugh multiple times. The sassy tone rivals that of my own. If you’re a fan of being talked to, maybe even a little laughed at—if you read my blog, you’re kinda familiar with the tone—then this is the book for you.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to read a book worked on by the G and the L in LGBT? And if you can read in Spanish? Even better. Convinced? I thought so! Johvan’s book is out NOW, so get ready to laugh and leave a good review.

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