Bisexuals and Their Laptops

For #BiWeek 2019, I worked with a handful of bisexual writers to bring you a series of guest posts that describe a few of our community’s bisexual experiences. I hope this series brings some visibility to the bisexual experience!

Tangled in Catholic Roots (by anonymous)

This post, from an anonymous author, tells the story of their Catholic upbringing, and how this has impacted the relationship with their parents as they came to realize their bisexuality.

Growing up Bi (by anonymous)

This post, from an anonymous author, follows their experience growing up without the language to express their attraction to men and women.

“At least I raised one of my kids right” (by Hannah)

This post from Hannah considers the impact her mother had on her bisexual identity journey.

The Table in the Back (by Alicyn McNally)

This post from Alicyn describes the first moment she acknowledged her identity, and how this moment helped her grow into accepting bisexuality.

Push-Ups and Alcohol–A sexual awakening (by Charli Cox)

This post by Charli recalls the moment of her sexual awakening and how she’s come to terms with it.

Coming out as a Christian (by Nanci)

This post by Nanci examines her relationship with God under the lens of her bisexuality. 

More than one (by anonymous)

This post (by an anonymous a cisgender woman of Asian descent in her 30s) carries us through the journey of her bisexuality into adulthood and her marriage.

“I’m a bi kinda guy” (by Steph Kyriacou)

This post by Steph follows his bisexual journey from his first coming out to his most recent.

Collecting kisses (by Lexi N.)

This post by Lexi N reflects on her budding bisexuality from a young age. 

Bisexual wonderland (by TJ)

This post by TJ discusses their journey with gender/sexuality identities as a person with Asperger’s.