Changing my Gender Marker in Michigan

An ID displays an illustrated person. The text reads as follows. Sex X. Changing my gender marker in Michigan.

Went to get a new ID, decided to change my gender marker that day. Michigan makes it that easy! Getting a New Michigan ID In Michigan, you need a current, valid driver’s license or state ID to apply for a marriage license. I’m not a driver due to anxiety and overstimulation. So, I’ve never held […]

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HIMMGF – Part 24 – First American Christmas and Florida Vacay

Image text states as follows. How I Met My Girlfriend, 24, Our first American Christmas and Florida vacay.

Catch up on the whole series! Read all “How I Met My Girlfriend” posts here. Jas’ first American Christmas unfolds as very typically Midwestern. Christmas parties, sugar cookies, presents, snow, and a trip to Florida to break up the Michigan winter. Every year, my dad’s family throws a party on Christmas Eve, and lately, my parents […]

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Finding a Queer Therapist

A polaroid photo shows two people sitting on a couch with their hands crossed. Writing on the polaroid states, Mental Health Month. Beside the photo, the title states, Finding a Queer Therapist.

At the start of my therapist search, I knew right away I wanted a queer therapist. But finding one proved much more difficult than I expected. In this blog, I outline why I wanted a queer therapist and how I found one. My Mental Health History I’ve never had a queer therapist before. Never even […]

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How I Met My Girlfriend – Part 2 – Reality Check

Part 2 of the How I Met My Girlfriend Series! Links to all HIMMGF posts here. Connecting with a Girl across the Ocean Summer of 2015 was the most difficult summer of my life because I’d come out to myself that spring, but not to anybody else. It was also the summer my paternal grandpa […]

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How I Met My Girlfriend – Part 1 – The Spark Starter

There are two illustrated Cards Against Humanity cards. The lead card states, cancel all my meetings. We've got a situation with BLANK that requires my immediate attention. The played card states, gay feelings and a U-Haul.

Catch up on with How I Met My Girlfriend on the chapter list. Sparking the Flame So Jas followed me back, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t just about the follow back anymore. I wanted to know her more than reading her posts. I wanted her to tell me about things, rather than her […]

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Coming Out to Myself

An illustrated person with long, wavy orange hair looks at themself in the mirror and smiles.

Coming out to myself was a long, subconscious process that didn’t reach reality until one, critical moment.

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