What Does Sapphic Mean?

A flag is divided into 3 equal horizontal parts. The parts are top to bottom as follows. Pink, white, pink. The white part has two purple flowers with green leaves. Beside the flag, the image asks, what does sapphic mean?

Though the word “sapphic” is likely well-understood in many LGBTQ+ circles (mostly likely sapphic ones), there’s still a lot of confusion around the word. Is it a vibe? Is it a label? Who does it include? Where does it apply? As a core team member for Sapphic Writers, I’ve encountered both personal and professional confusion […]

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Coming Out to Myself

An illustrated person with long, wavy orange hair looks at themself in the mirror and smiles.

Coming out to myself was a long, subconscious process that didn’t reach reality until one, critical moment.

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10 Bisexual TV Characters, Ranked by Quality of Representation

An illustration features a bisexual pride flag.

For the very end of biweek, I have compiled a list of bisexual chracters that I’ve watched on TV and analyzed their quality of bisexual representation. Here we go! 10. Alice Pieszecki, The L-Word Although Alice reigned from one of the queer classics, she just barely makes the list. As the only self-proclaimed bisexual regular on […]

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My Friend Knew I was Gay Before I Was Ready To Come Out

I Wasn’t Ready to Come Out to Myself as Gay It was the second semester of my freshman year in college, the first time on my own. This was not a good time in my life. The introvert in me formed a shell of isolation, growing thicker by the day. I went to class, I […]

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