Changing my Gender Marker in Michigan

An ID displays an illustrated person. The text reads as follows. Sex X. Changing my gender marker in Michigan.

Went to get a new ID, decided to change my gender marker that day. Michigan makes it that easy! Getting a New Michigan ID In Michigan, you need a current, valid driver’s license or state ID to apply for a marriage license. I’m not a driver due to anxiety and overstimulation. So, I’ve never held […]

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Finding a Queer Therapist

A polaroid photo shows two people sitting on a couch with their hands crossed. Writing on the polaroid states, Mental Health Month. Beside the photo, the title states, Finding a Queer Therapist.

At the start of my therapist search, I knew right away I wanted a queer therapist. But finding one proved much more difficult than I expected. In this blog, I outline why I wanted a queer therapist and how I found one. My Mental Health History I’ve never had a queer therapist before. Never even […]

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How I Met My Girlfriend – Part 1 – The Spark Starter

There are two illustrated Cards Against Humanity cards. The lead card states, cancel all my meetings. We've got a situation with BLANK that requires my immediate attention. The played card states, gay feelings and a U-Haul.

Catch up on with How I Met My Girlfriend on the chapter list. Sparking the Flame So Jas followed me back, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t just about the follow back anymore. I wanted to know her more than reading her posts. I wanted her to tell me about things, rather than her […]

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Coming Out to Myself

An illustrated person with long, wavy orange hair looks at themself in the mirror and smiles.

Coming out to myself was a long, subconscious process that didn’t reach reality until one, critical moment.

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My Friend Knew I was Gay Before I Was Ready To Come Out

I Wasn’t Ready to Come Out to Myself as Gay It was the second semester of my freshman year in college, the first time on my own. This was not a good time in my life. The introvert in me formed a shell of isolation, growing thicker by the day. I went to class, I […]

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