How to Love Yourself: A self-love guide of queer identity navigation

A sunset shines pink, purple, and blue over a snowy field. The image states, how to love yourself, a self-love guide to queer identity navigation. The lesbian pride colors serve as a banner and the logo for A Lesbian And Her Laptop is in the corner.

Loving yourself as you realize you aren’t straight can be tough. Take these quick lessons and affirmations with you as you navigate a new, queer identity.

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5 Ways to Better Communicate During a Conflict with Someone with BPD

A frowning face is divided in half. One half has a thought bubble, one half has a speech bubble. The thought bubble states, I know you're leaving me. The speech bubble states, I'm leaving you first.

Communicating when you’re having a conflict with someone with BPD can be very difficult and often has a “things get worse before they get better” outcome. This post outlines 5 practical steps and tools to strengthen your ability to communicate effectively during a conflict.

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5 Ways to Better Reassure Someone with BPD

A frowning face has a speech bubble and a thought bubble. The speech bubble states, Do you love me? The thought bubble states, i know you hate me.

Reassuring someone with BPD can sometimes be quite difficult, but it is extremely necessary. Here are five clear and practical steps you can take to better the way you reassure someone with BPD.

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