The Curly Queer Method: Hair Routine for Curly and Wavy LGBTs

You don’t have to be straight to take care of your hair! I’ve been following the “curly girl method” for almost a year, and it’s been my straightest experience since coming out. A lot of queer friends have been asking for my routine, so let’s make it gay and gender-inclusive! The method comes from Lorraine […]

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Is tolerance enough?

The title states, Tolerance versus Acceptance. What is tolerance and is it enough?

This Saturday was International Day for Tolerance, dedicated by the United Nations. So, let’s talk tolerance, shall we?

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National Girlfriends Day

The title states, National Girlfriends Day. Lesbian pride flag colors extend through a drawing of girlfriends.

Today is National Girlfriends Day! I know I’ve shared a lot of my girlfriend, Jas, with you all already in my How I Met My Girlfriend series, but I’m sharing some more today! Like the sappy lesbian I am, I’ve saved a lot of the messages and letters we exchanged at the beginning of our […]

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My Identity Journey

There are 4 pride flags, as follows. Gay, lesbian, asexual, bisexual.

Questioning my identity was a long process through my late teenage years and continued up until fairly recently. And although I always expect to self-reflect on my identity, it’s no longer out of fear. Instead, it’s out of love and pride. (1/5).

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A Note from 2017 Me

Graphic stars are arranged in the Aries constellation. Below this, the image states, Dear Jess.

In 2017, I wrote letters for myself in 2019 for each period of the zodiac signs. I read this late, but in Aries, I talked about meeting my friend, Liz, and bonding over our gayness. Plus some words of wisdom from my past self that I needed at this time.

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That Time I Came Out To My New Doctor

A medical cross is rainbow colored.

After avoiding the doctor’s office for years, I finally went and came out to him. (Note: Yes, this was all an overreaction. But yeah, I stressed over this for most of the year anyway.)

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That Time I Bonded With My Plane Passenger About Our Girlfriends

A sketch of a plane window. Outside the window has clouds and the plane wing.

I don’t have too many random interactions with strangers where we talk about my queer experience, but it does happen at times. My most unexpected encounter with such a situation happened with the 15-year-old boy I acquainted on my 8-hour flight back home.

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That Time I Got Trapped In Labels

A character is surrounded by 4 labels, as follows. Label 1 states, hello my label is bisexual. Label 2 states, hello my label is lesbian. Label 3 states, hello my label is gay. Label 4 states, hello my label is queer.

Hey gang! Today I’m talking identity labels: The good, the bad, and the hardships of label navigation. Here is my (ever-changing?) label story.

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That Time I Watched Love, Simon

Would I really be a gay blog if I didn’t talk about Love, Simon? This post contains no plot spoilers, but some lines of dialogue re: Simon’s experience.

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That Time I Came Out to Myself

Coming out to people in your life is a never-ending and often difficult process. But coming out to yourself? It’s a crisis that starts in your childhood. You spend innocent years constructing an identity that feels like the ghost of who you really are.

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That Time I Begged the Universe I Would Never Fall in Love with a Girl

Imagine this: You are a nineteen-year-old college girl who has never had sex before. You’ve never even had a boyfriend. You think about dating your guy friend’s roommate simply because he’s into you, even though he isn’t your type. But what is my type? You ask yourself, wondering why you haven’t had a boyfriend before. […]

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