Bisexuals and their Laptops: All I Wanted–When the Plot Twist Is, You’re Bi!

The AL&HL logo includes the title, bisexuals and their laptops. All I wanted: When the plot twist is, You're Bi!

Welcome to AH&HL’s third annual guest-post series for Bisexual Awareness Week! The “Bisexuals and their Laptops” series aims to share a diverse set of bisexual stories, histories, and celebrations. This post is by German bisexual writer, Andrea Mareike Abel (she/her). Read all identity posts. Who I am, where I come from Hi! My name’s Andrea, […]

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AL&HL 2019 Review

The blog's logo is a laptop with a rainbow on the screen. Lesbian pride banner is behind the laptop. The title states, 2019 review.

Welcome to A Lesbian and Her Laptop’s very first yearly review! So long 2019!

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AL&HL Gets a Liebster Award!

A Liebster Award is an award given to smaller bloggers (less than 1,000 followers I think?) for bloggers and readers to get to know each other, promote other great blogs, and expand our blogospheres!

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100th post on AL&HL

The title states, one hundredth A L and H L post giveaway. Beside the title is a photo of buttons with the blog logo and title.

This is my 100Th post with A Lesbian and Her Laptop! Let the appreciation begin! (Don’t miss my button giveaway!)

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Support LGBTQ Creatives: Kayleigh Van Overen

The image states, support lgbtq creatives, kayleigh, illustrator.

Welcome to the last series of Pride month! All this week, I will be sharing blog posts featuring different LGBTQ artists in a range of disciplines. Check out all the LGBTQ creatives worthy of support here!

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That Time I Came Out To My New Doctor

A medical cross is rainbow colored.

After avoiding the doctor’s office for years, I finally went and came out to him. (Note: Yes, this was all an overreaction. But yeah, I stressed over this for most of the year anyway.)

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Book Review: Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey

A book with a rainbow cover sits beside the title, Queer Book Review, Santa Olivia, by Jacqueline Carey.

Queer book review! All reviews touch on genre/plot, tropes (if any), and quality of gay content, and include spoiler and spoiler-lite versions. Check out my other book reviews! Ash | Huntress

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