Lesbian Hobbies: Lesbian Crocheting

Lesbian hobbies. Lesbian crocheting.

Welcome to my new blogging series: Lesbian Hobbies. Here, I blog about all lesbian hobbies. I share my lesbian hobby tips. I try lesbian hobbies I’ve never tried before. I lesbianify hobbies that are seemingly un-lesbian. Any hobby is a lesbian hobby if you do it in flannel.  What I have planned in the lesbian […]

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A Lesbian And Her Laptop: March Review 2021

The A Lesbian And Her Laptop logo includes the title, March overview of AL&HL.

Monthly reviews recap blog post activity on “A Lesbian And Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month. This March on A Lesbian And Her Laptop March went forward with 5k monthly views, surpassing 3k visitors. This is a 500 view and visitor jump from February–a few extra days can […]

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How To Be A Sapphic Writer: Connecting with a community

A pink graphic states, How to be a Sapphic Writer, connecting with a community.

Hello gang! Today I present to you a way to be part of an entire community of sapphic writers, offer avenues to get involved, get connected, and get inspired! This post is for anyone who is sapphic and who likes to write. No skills or published works necessary, just passion! What is Sapphic Writers? Sapphic […]

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Bisexuals and their Laptops: All I Wanted–When the Plot Twist Is, You’re Bi!

The AL&HL logo includes the title, bisexuals and their laptops. All I wanted: When the plot twist is, You're Bi!

Welcome to AH&HL’s third annual guest-post series for Bisexual Awareness Week! The “Bisexuals and their Laptops” series aims to share a diverse set of bisexual stories, histories, and celebrations. This post is by German bisexual writer, Andrea Mareike Abel (she/her). Read all identity posts. Who I am, where I come from Hi! My name’s Andrea, […]

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AL&HL 2019 Review

The blog's logo is a laptop with a rainbow on the screen. Lesbian pride banner is behind the laptop. The title states, 2019 review.

Welcome to A Lesbian and Her Laptop’s very first yearly review! So long 2019!

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AL&HL Gets a Liebster Award!

A Liebster Award is an award given to smaller bloggers (less than 1,000 followers I think?) for bloggers and readers to get to know each other, promote other great blogs, and expand our blogospheres!

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100th post on AL&HL

The title states, one hundredth A L and H L post giveaway. Beside the title is a photo of buttons with the blog logo and title.

This is my 100Th post with A Lesbian and Her Laptop! Let the appreciation begin! (Don’t miss my button giveaway!)

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