J&J Chats: Should I come out to My Homophobic Parents?

The title states, J and J Chats. Two text message bubbles follow. The first states, Should I come out to my homophobic parents? The second bubble displays 3 typing dots.

I live with my homophobic parents and I don’t know what will happen if I come out as bi, but it hurts to hear what they say about gay people. I hate that they think I’m a completely different person that who I really am. I guess it doesn’t make sense for me to come […]

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A Note from 2017 Me

Graphic stars are arranged in the Aries constellation. Below this, the image states, Dear Jess.

In 2017, I wrote letters for myself in 2019 for each period of the zodiac signs. I read this late, but in Aries, I talked about meeting my friend, Liz, and bonding over our gayness. Plus some words of wisdom from my past self that I needed at this time.

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That Time I Came Out To My New Doctor

A medical cross is rainbow colored.

After avoiding the doctor’s office for years, I finally went and came out to him. (Note: Yes, this was all an overreaction. But yeah, I stressed over this for most of the year anyway.)

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LGBTQ Movie: Love, Simon

So much of Love, Simon reminded me of myself. Is this what it feels like? Seeing yourself onscreen? The experience of watching my story in the cinema for the first time, it was so cathartic and freeing. It was like, maybe for the first time, the world understood me.

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Coming Out to Myself

An illustrated person with long, wavy orange hair looks at themself in the mirror and smiles.

Coming out to myself was a long, subconscious process that didn’t reach reality until one, critical moment.

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My Friend Knew I was Gay Before I Was Ready To Come Out

I Wasn’t Ready to Come Out to Myself as Gay It was the second semester of my freshman year in college, the first time on my own. This was not a good time in my life. The introvert in me formed a shell of isolation, growing thicker by the day. I went to class, I […]

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