J&J Chats: Should I come out to My Homophobic Parents?

The title states, J and J Chats. Two text message bubbles follow. The first states, Should I come out to my homophobic parents? The second bubble displays 3 typing dots.

I live with my homophobic parents and I don’t know what will happen if I come out as bi, but it hurts to hear what they say about gay people. I hate that they think I’m a completely different person that who I really am. I guess it doesn’t make sense for me to come […]

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A Note from 2017 Me

Graphic stars are arranged in the Aries constellation. Below this, the image states, Dear Jess.

In 2017, I wrote letters for myself in 2019 for each period of the zodiac signs. I read this late, but in Aries, I talked about meeting my friend, Liz, and bonding over our gayness. Plus some words of wisdom from my past self that I needed at this time.

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That Time I Came Out To My New Doctor

A medical cross is rainbow colored.

After avoiding the doctor’s office for years, I finally went and came out to him. (Note: Yes, this was all an overreaction. But yeah, I stressed over this for most of the year anyway.)

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That Time I Watched Love, Simon

Would I really be a gay blog if I didn’t talk about Love, Simon? This post contains no plot spoilers, but some lines of dialogue re: Simon’s experience.

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That Time I Came Out to Myself

Coming out to people in your life is a never-ending and often difficult process. But coming out to yourself? It’s a crisis that starts in your childhood. You spend innocent years constructing an identity that feels like the ghost of who you really are.

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