Queer Book Review: Killing Eve: No Tomorrow by Luke Jennings

A book cover is a rainbow. The image states, queer book review, killing eve no tomorrow by luke jennings.

Queer book review! All reviews touch on genre/plot, tropes (if any), and quality of gay content, and include both spoilerish and spoiler-light versions. Catch up on my last book review of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeannette Winterson.

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April Review

A board of 6 images has the title, April Review. The 6 images are as follows. Image 1, a cover states, how to make the distance work, a guide. Image 2, a cover states, lesbians and their laptops, visibility week, suzie. Lesbian sex, dating, and disability. A young woman sits in front of the lesbian pride flag. Image 3. Eve and Villanelle from killing eve pose while dancing. Image 5. A book cover states, Robin Talley, Lies we tell ourselves. Image 6. A woman gentleman jack poses with a top hat and period clothes.

Monthly reviews recaps blog post activity on “A Lesbian and Her Laptop,” LGBTQ+ content to look for, personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

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