Gift Giving ideas for Long Distance Relationships

A photo of a brick wall has a heart painted on it. A caption on the image states, gift giving ideas: long distance relationships.

Hello gang! Today’s post is inspired by Valentine’s Day as I decided what to send my girlfriend for the special occasion that we will be spending apart. After six years of US to UK distance, we’ve become quite the experts on long-distance gift giving. This is a guide is designed to jumpstart your ideas and […]

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HIMMGF–Part 23–Friendsgiving

The image states, H I M M G F 23, friendsgiving.

Catch up on my British girlfriend’s recent trip visit to me in America! Read all “How I Met My Girlfriend” posts here. The weekend after Real Thanksgiving welcomed the new and improved Friendsgiving. The guest list included myself, Jas, my brother, my sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s brother (both good friends of mine), our cousin, and […]

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HIMMGF 22: Coffee and Conflicts

The title states, H I M M G F 22. Coffee and conflicts.

This started as a Christmas post and ended with existential realizations.  Read all “How I Met My Girlfriend” posts here. Our second Christmas together unfolded how I imagined in most ways. And it first started like every morning, the mere waking up together—something that started the day with love for 69 consecutive mornings. (Yes, 69, […]

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HIMMGF: How I miss my girlfriend

The image states, H I M M G F. How I miss my girlfriend.

Hi gang this post will be sad. Read all “How I Met My Girlfriend” posts here. Jasmin is back at her home in the UK, and the days have been dragging since. We video chatted the day her plane landed—Jan 26th–and overnight the space between us re-emerged. The sound of the Skype ring struck an […]

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How to Make the Distance Work: Long-Distance Activities

The image states, how to make the distance work, long distance activities.

Finding fun activities to do with your partner can be a big win for communication and combatting the Big Sad. Looking for new long-distance activities can be pretty bleak sometimes, so let my list of fun stuff give you some fresh ideas to try out. (5/6. Link to intro and other parts here.)

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