Esmée Lavalette’s Queer Short Film, “Found Family” Gains Applause and Awards

Lesbian Director Esmée Lavalette

Hello, everyone! In this post, we’re catching up with Esmée Lavalette. I’ve featured Esmée and her work on the blog before (which you can revisit here).  In the last blog, I talked to Esmée during the production of her short film, “Found Family.” Now, the film has made its rounds at film festivals, so we’re […]

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LGBTQ Spotlight: Support an upcoming lesbian film

A T V sketch states, Found Family, on the screen. The title of the image states, l g b t q spotlight, lesbian film by lesbian director.

In just a few days, lesbian filmmaker Esmée Lavalette begins production for her short film, “Found Family.” The film follows the protagonist, Elyse, and the challenges that come with navigating her lesbian identity in her homophobic family and meeting her long-distance girlfriend for the first time. Esmée Lavalette is a Dutch native who acquired both […]

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