How to Love Yourself: A self-love guide of queer identity navigation

A sunset shines pink, purple, and blue over a snowy field. The image states, how to love yourself, a self-love guide to queer identity navigation. The lesbian pride colors serve as a banner and the logo for A Lesbian And Her Laptop is in the corner.

Loving yourself as you realize you aren’t straight can be tough. Take these quick lessons and affirmations with you as you navigate a new, queer identity.

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Queer Self-care: Ethical and genderless products from Thea’s Essence

The title states, product review, queer self-care products and essential oils by Thea's Essence. An image of the product reveals vials of essential oils, body spray, lotion, a bath bomb, a pride flag, art of two women, and a small sign that states, All Black Lives Matter.

Good day gays! Today I offer you AL&HL’s very first product review: queer self-care products from Thea’s Essence that are both genderless and ethical! Like every other product or brand I have ever mentioned on this blog, I do not receive any money if you decide to buy. However, I did not purchase the products […]

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