Trans People and Their Laptops: Just Butch Enough

Welcome to AH&HL’s first annual guest-post series for Trans Awareness Week! The “Trans People and their Laptops” series aims to share a diverse set of trans stories, histories, and celebrations. This post is by nonbinary lesbian writer, Rae Dodd (she/xi/they). Read all identity posts. I have three significant memories of wearing a dress. All of them ranged in […]

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Lesbian Visibility: Doors Unlocked And Open

The title states, lesbian visibility week. Doors unlocked and open.

For Lesbian Visibility Week, A Lesbian and Her Laptop will be releasing a series of 8 lesbian guest posts all week long! This post by Chelsea Jones, delves into the intersection of lesbian, ace, and trans identities. Read all identity posts here. First, there was silence. A long, uncomfortable silence, as thoughts were born and facial […]

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