How to Leave Killing Eve Stan Twitter and Get Your Life Back: A guide for leaving toxic fandoms in 4 steps

Maybe you’ve already admitted you have a Stan Twitter addiction. If you haven’t, say it now. I have an addiction, because you do. You hate the fandom. It makes you anxious, stressed, annoyed, etc. More harm than good, and yet! You’re still there. It’s because you’re depressed and gay. This guide can give you an […]

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People & Pride: From Twitter to IRL (the one about Alicyn)

The image states the following. People and pride with my twitter to IRL friend.

I met one of my closest IRL friends through Twitter and no she’s not a middle-aged male serial killer in disguise. Welcome back to People & Pride, a nonchronological series that examines the impact my identity has on personal relationships and vice versa. You can read posts of People & Pride here.

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10 Funny Gay Tweets of the Week

Welcome to my new weekly list of funny tweets with a gay spin. Let’s see what the queer club has in store for us this week, and stay tuned for next Saturday’s compilation of some more LOLs (laughs of lesbians).

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