How to Dress Gay (pt. 5): Gay tees and rainbows

The title states, how to dress gay, 5.

The Gay Dress Code wasn’t working as obviously as I’d wanted at the time, so I resorted to some obvious, but still lowkey additions to my wardrobe. (Part 5/6. Start from the beginning here.)

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National Girlfriends Day

The title states, National Girlfriends Day. Lesbian pride flag colors extend through a drawing of girlfriends.

Today is National Girlfriends Day! I know I’ve shared a lot of my girlfriend, Jas, with you all already in my How I Met My Girlfriend series, but I’m sharing some more today! Like the sappy lesbian I am, I’ve saved a lot of the messages and letters we exchanged at the beginning of our […]

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J&J Chats: Biphobia and lesbophobia in relationships

the title image states, J and J chats, biphobia and lesbophobia in relationships.

Welcome to J&J Chats! A series of advice and discourse discussions from J (Jess) & J (Jas, aka, my girlfriend). Topics sent anonymously via curious cat. Current topic: Lesbians who refuse to date bisexuals and bisexuals who refuse to date lesbians.

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Lesbian Visibility: Power in Labels

A young woman with a walker stands in front of the lesbian pride flag. The image states, lesbians and their laptops, visibility week, Lauren. Power in labels.

Identity for me is something I hold dear to my heart. There’s a lot of people who won’t define themselves with aspects of who they are, but I find it extremely empowering. (By Lauren). Check out all Lesbian Visibility posts this week.

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How to Make the Distance Work: Long-Distance Activities

The image states, how to make the distance work, long distance activities.

Finding fun activities to do with your partner can be a big win for communication and combatting the Big Sad. Looking for new long-distance activities can be pretty bleak sometimes, so let my list of fun stuff give you some fresh ideas to try out. (5/6. Link to intro and other parts here.)

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How to Make the Distance Work: Your Partner and Your Friends/Family

The image states, how to make the distance work, your partner and your friends and family.

Distance can sometimes make it difficult to keep your partner an integral member of your social circles. Encouraging a good relationship between your partner and your friends/family is a big way to keep them from feeling disconnected from your life. (3/6. Link to intro and other parts here.)

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How to Make the Distance Work: A Guide

The cover image states, How to make the distance work, a guide.

As many of you may know, my girlfriend and I have been in a long-distance relationship for over four years. “How do you do it?” is a question we get asked all the time. Instead of my usual shrug and “idk man idk,” I decided to blog an actual answer. Behold, the introductory post (1/6).

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