me (left) and my girlfriend (right)

My name is Jess. I am a learner, a lover, a writer, and a queer content enthusiast.

About the Blog

A Lesbian and Her Laptop” is a WordPress blog that began in fall 2017. It holds a collection of thoughtful creative nonfiction pieces, fun list-posts, and content reviews with one running theme: The Queer Experience. As the blog continues to grow, I hope it serves as a hopeful place to all queer readers to feel understood, informed, and inspired.

Blog Topics

The blog hosts a number of series that centers on LGBTQ topics. The first of which, and the first driving growth of my readership, is the “How I Met My Girlfriend” series. Now a collection of 20 posts and counting, this series shares the growth of the trans-Atlantic long-distance relationship with my girlfriend, a niche experience within the digital spaces of queer youths and young millennials. From this, sprung an often-requested series on long-distance relationship advice, “How to Make the Distance Work: A Guide.”

Other series include posts that feature and/or review content with LGBTQ+ representation and a series of guest posts for Lesbian Visibility Day.

Goals for “A Lesbian and Her Laptop”

As already in place, I plan to continue the growth of the blog with consistently scheduled bi-weekly posts. I also plan to include more diverse voices to better represent the whole community in the blog, similar to the guest-post series for Lesbian Visibility Day. I have found that diversity awareness days such as this one can provide a platform for individuals with intersecting identities to have their stories heard and to help others in their situation feel understood.

All illustrations and photographs featured in this blog are mine unless stated otherwise. Please do not repost without credit by linking to this blog.

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