J&J Chats

Welcome to J&J Chats! A series of advice and discourse discussions from J (Jess) & J (Jas, aka, my girlfriend). You can send your advice requests anonymously via curious cat.

Online friends

How to make online friends and keep a conversation going. How to build real and healthy relationships online.

My boyfriend has homophobic friends

A guy’s boyfriend has homophobic religious friends. How to find a compromise.

Texting through BPD arguments

Should people text through a “bad bpd” moment or wait to call and work it out?

Biphobia and lesbophobia in relationships

Lesbians who refuse to date bisexuals and bisexuals who refuse to date lesbians.

Coming out later in the relationship

Coming out as bisexual in a relationship after entering the relationship as a lesbian and vice versa.

From needing support to forming friendships

“Is it possible to form true friendships based on a need for support?”

Helping long-distance partner through a hard time

How to help a long-distance friend or partner through a difficult time for them.