LGBTQIA+ Identity Posts

This page hosts all of the posts on queer identities. Most of these stories are from guest writers during awareness days, shedding light on different identity navigation stories. (My identity journey: From not-straight to asexual to bisexual to queer to lesbian.)

Pride Project 2020 (What does pride mean to you?)

Representation in the Arts by J.A. Pascual

Creating and Finding Your Own Family in the LGBTQ+ Community by Helle A.

Pride by Liv Gamble

What does “Pride” mean to me? Empowerment and Identity by Ella-Hope Barrington-Bailey

Double-Sided Pride by Jess M. (Me!)

Lesbian Visibility Week

Navigating the Uncertain Waters of Life and Sexuality (By Shivy C.)

This image-rich narrative uncovers the difficulty of finding identity amidst past trauma and newfound love.

My First Step as a Lesbian (by Shira Jacobson)

This post describes a lesbian coming out during class at a Jewish private school (Ally Hills style).

Doors Unlocked And Open (by Chelsea Jones)

A recounting of coming out to her parents delves into the intersection of lesbian, ace, and trans identities. 

My Path Towards Being Comfortable as a Lesbian (by Izzie)

A disconnect with childhood stems from an uncovered lesbian journey and roots in Ireland’s Roman Catholicism.

How to Confirm whether a Suspected Lesbian is Actually a Lesbian without Ruining Everything and Having to Retire from Society (by Cat)

This post will simply make you laugh as a lesbian mom in a rural community tries to determine if her new neighbors are also lesbians.

The Crossroads of Identity (by Shira)

This narrative reveals the challenges of settling into her lesbian and Jewish identities.


Trans Awareness Week

“I am cishet” and other lies I keep telling by Chiara – Describes overcoming fear to settle into their genderfluid and bisexual identity.

Just Butch Enough by Rae Dodd – A nonbinary lesbian describes their gender identity as “butch.”

Unapologetically Myself by Connor Ray – A queer, trans man recounts his gender experience shortly after the start of his transition.

Bisexual Awareness Week

All I wanted: When the plot twist is, you’re bi! by Andrea Mareike Abel – Describes the bi representation during the 90s and how a lack of bi visibility influenced (and delayed) her bisexual identity journey.

The Writing on the Wall by Ja-Mel Vinson – How a lack of representation for bisexual Black guys impacted his identity journey and how this writer used fictional work to bring these issues to the forefront.

Bisexuality Contextualized in a Lost Queer History by Logan Fenner – This educational post dives into the history of bisexuality–what’s been remembered, forgotten, and rewritten.

My Bisexual Journey by Ksenija Krivokapic – This narrative begins at just 4 years old, when she first recalls a “bisexual” memory without any realization that the concept existed outside of the norm.


Tangled in Catholic Roots (by anonymous)

This post, from an anonymous author, tells the story of their Catholic upbringing, and how this has impacted the relationship with their parents as they came to realize their bisexuality.

Growing up Bi (by anonymous)

This post, from an anonymous author, follows their experience growing up without the language to express their attraction to men and women.

“At least I raised one of my kids right” (by Hannah)

This post from Hannah considers the impact her mother had on her bisexual identity journey.

The Table in the Back (by Alicyn McNally)

This post from Alicyn describes the first moment she acknowledged her identity, and how this moment helped her grow into accepting bisexuality.

Push-Ups and Alcohol–A sexual awakening (by Charli Cox)

This post by Charli recalls the moment of her sexual awakening and how she’s come to terms with it.

Coming out as a Christian (by Nanci)

This post by Nanci examines her relationship with God under the lens of her bisexuality. 

More than one (by anonymous)

This post (by an anonymous a cisgender woman of Asian descent in her 30s) carries us through the journey of her bisexuality into adulthood and her marriage.

“I’m a bi kinda guy” (by Steph Kyriacou)

This post by Steph follows his bisexual journey from his first coming out to his most recent.

Collecting kisses (by Lexi N.)

This post by Lexi N reflects on her budding bisexuality from a young age. 

Bisexual wonderland (by TJ)

This post by TJ discusses their journey with gender/sexuality identities as a person with Asperger’s.