A Lesbian And Her Laptop: February Review (2021)

The AL&HL logo includes the title, February review of AL&HL.

Monthly reviews recap blog post activity on “A Lesbian And Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This February on A Lesbian And Her Laptop

February kept up to its 4k monthly view goal of 2021, reaching almost 4.5k views and surpassing 2.5 visitors. This is a slight drop from last month, but February is shorter after all. This month, A Lesbian And Her Laptop added 16 new followers, putting us at 448. I expect to approach 500 by Taurus season!

A typewriter as a page with the word, goals, on it.

During this short month of just 28 days, AL&HL’s weekly blog schedule (that I’ve miraculously managed to stay on top of!) put out only two non-review blogs this month, including a post on to love yourself (for the LGBTQs only) and how NOT to be an ally. After a well-intentioned cishet bombarded a Facebook post I made for Valentine’s Day with his attempt to tell me LOVE IS LOVE, it’s occurred to me that the straights have no idea when they’re annoyingly overstepping boundaries and reminding me that my relationship is not the norm. So I hope the straights enjoy that enlightening.

As a reminder, A Lesbian And Her Laptop’s Ko-Fi page is accepting one-time donations of $3. My current Ko-Fi goal will help me renew (or even upgrade) the blog’s WordPress hosting package in May. You can also use the Ko-Fi commission menu to purchase affordable J&J Chats for advice, ($3) promos for LGBTQ artists, businesses, and etsy shops ($5), and reviews of your favorite queer show, film, book, or song ($8). The Ko-Fi shop features pins and stickers with the blog name and logo!

The Patreon for A Lesbian And Her Laptop now has 19 patrons for $61/month, a monetary increase from January! Patreon subscriptions start at just $1 per month, which includes a monthly “How I Met My Girlfriend” bonus posts/poems and book updates. For the first time ever, the monthly Patreon income covers MORE than just my phone bill—incredible!!!!!

Personal updates from Jess, your AL&HL blogger

I am moving! At long last, this big adult is moving out of their parents’ home and renting a house with their sibling gang (my brother, sister, sister’s boyfriend, and sister’s boyfriend’s brother—all good friends). We signed a lease for a house outside of Detroit, set to move in mid-April, and I couldn’t be more excited!

A girl sits on the tire of a U Haul trailer.

The pros of moving:

  • My cat, Eloise, will have two other kitty playmates.
  • Faster and more stable internet connection.
  • I have my very own large closet (separate from bedroom) that I will be using as my own very small office. I’ve never had an office space for my at-home freelance career separate from a table/desk in my bedroom.
  • Living with 4 other people who I can force to play games with me every day.
  • One of my very best friends lives only 4 minutes away so we will be having dinner and games together regularly.
  • Not feeling like a huge loser for living with my parents still at 25. Nothing is wrong with this of course, but it did get me down a lot.

Cons of moving:

  • I won’t have any money.
  • I’m living with 4 straight people—something I never expected to do by choice.

As an update to my freelance career, things are taking a turn for the best! As I mentioned last month, I began blogging for a therapist in San Jose, which is going well. My work scope expanded to social media creation and scheduling in addition to blogging, and my client is amazing to work for. Always checking in that we’re on the same page and that I’m happy with our process and scope. I truly can’t believe the impact this has had on my mental health—simply working for someone who respects me and pays me what I’m worth.

I’ve also been hired to write content for a lesbian behind the “Conscious Girlfriend Academy,” an online support group for sapphic people to help build skills needed for healthy relationships with themselves, friends, family, and partners. I have only just started working on this project, but I am SO excited—what a DREAM.

I co-created a sapphic book club at Sapphic Writers, where we meet bi-monthly. I will be hosting sapphic book giveaways on my Twitter every time I finish reading our latest book. Soon to giveaway is a YA novel about a trans superhero, so follow me on Twitter to keep an eye out! And check out the Sapphic Readers book club if you want to join up

Coming up this March on A Lesbian And Her Laptop

My blogging series for TomboyX has been postponed in the chance that I can apply for their brand ambassador program in the next quarter. I have a lot of content ready for this series and truly LOVE the company for its boost of gender euphoria every time I put on their underwear, but I don’t want to pass up on the opportunity that it could give me some kind of income. A gay’s gotta eat.

Soon to drop will be the LGBTQ book review for Dreadnought by April Daniels, the trans superhero novel. And, in many encounters lately it has occurred to me that the general public (and even some LGBTQs) don’t know what the word “sapphic” means, so I will be educating all on the subject in the coming weeks.

If you enjoyed any of the blog posts during February, consider making a one-time $3 donation to my Ko-Fi, or becoming a patron for exclusive blog content (starting at $1/month). And remember to share your favorite posts to get more people reading!

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