A Lesbian And Her Laptop: March Review 2021

The A Lesbian And Her Laptop logo includes the title, March overview of AL&HL.

Monthly reviews recap blog post activity on “A Lesbian And Her Laptop,” personal updates, and what’s coming up for the blog next month.

This March on A Lesbian And Her Laptop

March went forward with 5k monthly views, surpassing 3k visitors. This is a 500 view and visitor jump from February–a few extra days can really add to it! A Lesbian And Her Laptop now has 442 WordPress followers.

This month had three blog posts. The first post was an LGBTQ book review for Dreadnought by April Daniels, a YA novel about a trans superhero, read for my book club with Sapphic Writers. I also write an educational post about what the word “sapphic” means after running into many clueless cishets and queers alike, and published a short creative piece on how I met my cat, Eloise, and how lesbian co-parenting is going for her.

A book cover for the novel, Dreadnought by April Daniels, has a girl wearing a cape overlooking a city. Beside the book states, LGBTQ Book Review.

As a reminder, A Lesbian And Her Laptop’s Ko-Fi page is accepting one-time donations of $3. My current Ko-Fi goal will help me renew (or even upgrade) the blog’s WordPress hosting package in May. You can also use the Ko-Fi commission menu to purchase affordable J&J Chats for advice, ($3) promos for LGBTQ artists, businesses, and etsy shops ($5), and reviews of your favorite queer show, film, book, or song ($8). The Ko-Fi shop features pins and stickers with the blog name and logo!

The Patreon for A Lesbian And Her Laptop is still at 19 patrons for $61/month, a monetary increase from January! Patreon subscriptions start at just $1 per month, which includes a monthly “How I Met My Girlfriend” bonus posts/poems and book updates. I cannot stress how important and valuable Patreon subscriptions for me to have reliable, monthly income. Before long, this might be paying for a few therapy sessions!

Personal updates from Jess, your AL&HL blogger

The moving countdown is just a few weeks away! My bedroom is in boxes, the cat is freaking out and only sleeps in the closet, and I am eager to move into a new home!

My freelance career is still building and growing for the better. I just picked up two new clients this month, including blogging for another therapist based in San Jose and running a blog and social media for a LGBTQ+ youth ally network called LED in Southlake, Texas. Both of the women I met with seem really great and I’m excited to get working for both of them!

Coming up this April on A Lesbian And Her Laptop

As usual, there will be a few guests posts for Lesbian Visibility Week later in April. I will also be releasing a book review for the next book in the Sapphic Writers’ book club, The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth. Sometime in the future, I will be absolutely be coming out with a satirical piece on how to dress gay.

If you enjoyed any of the blog posts during March, consider making a one-time $3 donation to my Ko-Fi, or becoming a patron for exclusive blog content (starting at $1/month). And remember to share your favorite posts to get more people reading!

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